Edens End
Welcome to Eden, where you are all live. Eden is a large, prosperous city-state located in the western continent. It maintains strength through an absolute 0 tolerance law. Long ago, the leaders of Eden decided they wanted to turn their city into something better. They wanted to be seen by the world as a beacon of justice, and end tyrants. They decided that man was not capable to overseeing a society like the one they envisioned, as they would are weak to the influence of power and corruption. The only way they could lead their city with absolute justice was to gain the assistance of beings of absolute law.
They used their wizards to summon forth from the lawful plane constructs meant to uphold law in the universe. The newly formed council used these constructs to advise their decisions. However, as much as the council wished to uphold true law, they soon realized that the planar beings were too harsh even for them. They always wanted to seek the harshest punishments, even for the smallest crimes. Once, the council found an accused murderer innocent, as they did not have enough evidence to know it could have only been him. The constructs, not agreeing with the decision, took matters in their own hands. They killed the murderer, as well as the guards that helped defend him. They then decided the council was too weak to rule this supposed lawful country, and overthrew them. They used their magic to banish the old council, and established a rule over Eden. They took law in a meaning nobody else expected.
The new rulers affixed magical bands to the neck of all citizens, capable of causing great pain and draining a man of all his strength, even his life. Anything deemed “unlawful” was reason for an enforcer to activate the band, anywhere at any time. These public punishments, sometimes executions, did have an effect on the people though. Soon, the citizens learned to just live by the rules of their lawful tyrants. The new generations grew up without knowing what any other kind of living would be like, thus the constructs even gained loyalty from the people. But not everyone.
There were those who rebelled. Most were killed in the streets, or in battle against the clearly combat superior oppressors. There was one who was smarter than the others, and put on a smile while following the orders of the constructs, and silently grew powerful right under their noses. He was able to remove his band, as well as a number of his secret followers, and escape the city, soon establishing a resistance against Eden. It has been years now, and the endless war against the rebels draws most citizens to swear fealty to their lords, keeping them safe from the chaotic rule of Cypher with their army of “volunteer” soldiers. You are were instructed to be such volunteers, and as such you are here now. After a short successful stint in the town guard, then standing militia, you have been summoned to meet with an ambassador to the Lords, apparently with task that needs urgent attention.

Edens End