Campaign Traits

Agent of Law:

You follow your mechanical lords with a zeal more than most others. You don’t necessarily do it as devotion to the lords as lords, but because you truly believe that they are leading your city to greatness through true law. As a devout agent, you are respected by your superiors, both construct and living. You must be of a lawful alignment. As a respect member of the community, you are granted free entrance to government buildings, and you get a +2 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy when dealing with guards of Eden.


You allow yourself to do your lords bidding only because you have no other option. While you want Eden to prosper as it did in the old days, you don’t agree with the constructs methods or absolute black and white views on what is lawful. You are still a member of society, but you may have been punished once or twice for minor infractions such as questioning orders or getting drunk. You may be of a lawful alignment, but you don’t have to. You are not granted immediate entrance to government buildings. However, you get a +2 bonus to diplomacy checks when dealing with anyone who has also received legal punishment of any degree, as well as any rebels you may encounter.


You hate your mechanical overlords. You do as they say, but only so you can gain information that will eventually be used for their downfall. You once made contact with the rebel group known as Chaos. You were sentenced to death by the constructs for an entirely unjust crime and a convenient intervention by the rebels saved your ass. They removed your collar, and replaced it with a decoy that had no effect, but had you stay in the city as a double agent. You have not made contact with them in quite some time, but you know they are still out there, waiting to make their move. You cannot be of a lawful alignment. Also, the collar you wear is merely cosmetic, it has no power word to trigger adverse effects like the normal bands citizens wear, and you gain +2 circumstance bonus to diplomacy checks against any rebels.

Campaign Traits

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